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History of DUC

A resource group committed to accessibility

When DUC was first founded, the group was named the Neurodiverse Pathfinders group, founded by undergraduate student Adrian Cheng in 2012. At the time, the group specifically focused on neurodevelopmental disorders and creating a community for neurodiverse students and neurotypical allies.


In 2017, the group was constituted as an AMS club. Three years later, the club officially became a resource group under the name "Neurodiverse and Disabled Alliance".


In 2021, Oliver MacDonald reformed this group into the Disabilities United Club (DUC). With a name change in 2022 to Disabilities United Collective, DUC has now become the resource group aimed at accessibility on campus it is today. 


Neurodiverse Pathfinders Group

(UBC Group)


Neurodiverse Pathfinders (AMS Club)


The Neurodiverse and Disabled Alliance

(AMS Resource Group)


Disabilities United Collective

(AMS Resource Group)

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