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2022/2023 Executive Team

Get to know the DUC Team!

Rabiah Dhaliwal, Co-president of DUC.
Rabiah Dhaliwal

Hi, UBCers! My name is Rabiah Dhaliwal and I am Co-President of the UBC DUC. I am a student in the Faculty of Science, majoring in Biology. I joined DUC because I am passionate about disability justice and noticed many accessibility disparities on campus over my years studying at UBC. Most importantly, I was looking for a sense of belonging. 
In my spare time, I am an avid painter, play competitive soccer, and am a huge Beyonce fan! Connect with me if you want to chat about all things disability justice, need help getting connected to resources on campus, have a project idea, or want to discuss similar hobbies! Looking forward to getting to know you all! 

J. Hathway

Hello, everyone! My name is J Hathway and I am the Co-president of DUC. After hearing about DUC in April 2022, I knew I had to get involved regardless of my role in order to improve the disabled student experience at UBC. This included creating a safe space where disabled students can socialize on a regular basis. I’ve learned several important lessons since the summer and term 1, and I am excited to apply them this final term! Some of my hobbies include filmmaking, bird watching, and going outdoors. My favorite music genres are R&B and reggaeton. I look forward to meeting you all!

Sophia Brutchsy, vice-president internal of DUC.
Sophia Brutchsy
Vice-President Internal

Hello! I’m happy to serve as the VP Internal of Disabilities United Collective for this year. I’m grateful to be a part of a supportive community of my peers and I hope that together we can work to remove accessibility issues at UBC and establish a strong foundation of support for disabled people at UBC.


In my free time, I like sewing, playing DND, and sleeping as much as I can. I look forward to getting to know everyone!


Image of Jessie Song, vice-president external of DUC.
Jessie Song
Vice-President External

Hello, UBCers! My name is Jessie I'm delighted to join you all as the VP External and Events Committee Lead of DUC.

I began my education in music and architecture and I'm currently working towards a degree in speech sciences, in the hope to learn more about language and communication disorders. I joined DUC because I'm passionate about disability education, health care, and policies.

Some reasons to connect with me:

  • interested in collaborating with DUC

  • need support navigating assessment and diagnostic services in BC

  • want to chat about music, architecture, linguistics, and motorcycles

General Executives
Li Yang
Communications Manager

Hello UBC DUC! I am so excited to join you all this year as the Communications Manager. I’m a fourth-year Arts student in Psych, and I’m hoping to pursue a career in education in the future. I’m really passionate about accessibility in education for Disabled students! Outside of DUC, my favorite hobbies are knitting, roller-skating, being out in nature, and illustration.


Farah Sadek, general executive of DUC.
Lorelei/Ro Mcewan
Advocacy Committee Lead

Hiya! My name is Lorelei (Ro) and I’m super psyched to be working with the DUC this year as the Advocacy Committee co-lead. As a second-year Psychology and GRSJ student at UBC, I am hoping to pursue a career in Psychology with a focus on disabled understandings of mental health. As a queer disabled person who has been involved with the mental health system for many years, I understand how it disadvantages many of us in those communities. It is because of this passion for accessibility and disability justice that I got involved with DUC last year.


In my spare time, you can find me working at the rollerskating club here in Van, writing/reading cringey fan fiction, playing music, and buying an excessive amount of niche candles.


Julian Masato Brown, general executive of DUC.


Hello Everyone! I am grateful to be serving you all as a DUC General executive. My main focus will be as the mentorship committee lead where I hope to organize a mentorship program along with educational events to help undergraduates navigate university, co-op, course planning, and career planning. I am passionate about providing equal opportunity within our education system and look forward to making UBC a more accessible place for all neurodivergent and disabled students.


Hi Everyone, I am very excited to help engage with the UBC community in this role, as well as helping the committee in any upcoming projects and events. I am in my 4th year as a political science major. I would love to bring the experience I have being enrolled in accessibilities so we can help improve our facilities for new students with any accessibility issues.

KT Huber, general executive of DUC.


Hey y’all,
I’m going to be a General Executive this year. I’m a second year Applied Animal Biology major, and I will be acting as Advocacy Committee Lead. I am incredibly excited to lend my passions to making UBC a more accessible community. I am very open about things I struggle with, and I am so happy to be part of a group that embraces these neuro and physical divergences. If you are ever interested in talking about or learning more about schizophrenia or forms of psychosis, do not hesitate to contact me!

Emily Godfrey, general executive of DUC.


Hello fellow humans! I am stoked to be a general executive for UBC DUC this year, and can’t wait to make our university a more accessible and inclusive place. I am an aspiring Occupational Therapist with a passion for disability and mental health advocacy, which is rooted in my own experiences with hearing loss, neurodivergence, and depression. I am always open for a chat about these topics, and would love to hear from you :)

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