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Professional Development

Disabled folks are historically underrepresented in many innovational and change-making fields, and the Disabilities United Collective (DUC) is committed to addressing this disparity. DUC's mission is to provide support to disabled individuals by offering informational Q&A panels and a personal one-on-one mentorship program. We believe that by bringing together disabled individuals with shared experiences and mentors who have successfully navigated some of the challenges, we can create a supportive and inclusive environment for growth and achievement.

2023/24 Events

Stay tuned for our professional development events!

Building on the success of last year's panel on pursuing law studies (see below), we are expanding our panel series to other professional and research study programs. We invite practicing professionals, scholars, and current students in these fields to share their personal experiences and journeys of studying or working with a disability or health condition. The panellists will address pre-collected questions from the attendees, including inquiries about program applications and disclosure of disability, work-life balance, requesting accommodations, and other relevant topics. Additionally, the event will provide a platform for free discussion and networking. These events are 1.5-hour long and are scheduled to happen early in fall 2023 for new students enrolled and before most application cycles start.

Past Events

Perspective & Conversation: Studying and practicing law with a medical condition or disability

Time: Thursday 5 pm, March 9, 2023

Location: UBC Peter A. Allard School of Law (Allard Hall) Room 123


The disabled community is severely underrepresented in the legal profession. People interested in the field often worry about how their physical and mental health conditions or disabilities may impact the already stressful journey of pursuing law.The UBC Disabilities United Collective (DUC), the UBC Law Disability Alliance (ULDA), and UBC Pre-Law Association are organizing an event to allow those interested in law to have an informal conversation with disabled law students, lawyers, and legal professionals. A panel of guest speakers will share their experiences and open the floor for discussion and questions.

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