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Call to Action - Presentation to the UBC President's Office

In September 2022, a group of disabled students, including representatives from DUC, presented the "Calls to Action to Enable Meaningful Implementation of the Accessible British Columbia Act" to UBC President's Office, executive, and senior leadership. We have organized our demands into eight key commitment areas:

  1. Promoting Equity through Administrative Changes

  2. Improving Existing Disability-Related Services

  3. Increasing Representation of Openly Disabled Scholars and Staff

  4. Supporting Disabled Students with Funding, Scholarships, and Research Grants Across Campuses

  5. Addressing Graduate Student Needs

  6. Making the Built Environment Accessible

  7. Creating an Accessible Culture in Teaching and Learning

  8. Ensuring Equitable Public Health Decision Making

Read the full letter and presentation here:

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