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Our Mission

Disabilities United Collective (DUC) is a school-funded resource group at the University of British Columbia, dedicated to empowering students with disabilities and creating an inclusive campus environment. According to the AMS's 2023 Academic Experience Survey, 25% of students reported having some form of disability, while 41% indicated facing mental health difficulties. These numbers highlight the growing size of our community and underscore the importance of our mission to advocate for accessibility, support, and equal opportunities for all students. As we prepare for the upcoming 2023/24 academic year, we are committed to addressing crucial areas identified through valuable student feedback.

Drawing from the insights provided by our student community, Disabilities United Collective (DUC) has identified the following key areas of focus for the upcoming year:

Access4All (Online lectures)

Ensuring the availability of online or multi-access options for all required courses to facilitate equitable access to education for students with disabilities or at other intersections. This goal continues to be the top 1 priority our students want us to work on.

Enhancing Accessibility Services

Enhancing existing services such as the Centre for Accessibility (CFA) and accessibility shuttles to make campus resources more accessible to all students. Only 29% of students who have disabilities are currently registered with the Centre for Accessibility. Those who are not registered with the Centre often felt it was too inconvenient to register, did not know how to register, or were unfamiliar with what the Centre offers.

Community Engagement

Organizing inclusive social gatherings and discussion groups to create a supportive and accepting environment for students with disabilities to connect with peers.

Disability-Affirmative Healthcare

This is a 3-part initiative:
- A
dvocating for UBC student insurance to cover diagnostic tests and documentation for disabilities and mental health conditions
- Offering non-medical disability-affirmative care items for free
- Improving inclusion training received by university staff and faculty

Professional Development

Providing Q&A and networking events on navigating education and the workplace with a disability, offering guidance on networking, scholarship application, interviews, disability disclosure, and accommodation requests.

Mentorship Program

Establishing mentorship programs to provide guidance and support for students with disabilities throughout their academic journey.

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