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Getting Involved

The program pages are currently under development. Please stay tuned for more information on our offerings. DUC runs a variety of meetings, committees, and discussion groups for members looking to get more involved. We always recommend starting off by joining our Discord and attending a General Meeting, and then exploring which of our programs speak to you most! Our discussion groups and committees are open to all DUC members. You are always welcome to drop in and listen or share your ideas.

General Meeting

Join our public meetings to hear the latest updates on DUC's work in the community.


[Please see our Discord for meeting times for the summer. Regular meeting times will be released early in the fall.]

Discussion Groups

We hold discussion groups for DUC members interested in connecting with peers with similar experiences, or anyone who is interested in the topic! Each of our discussion groups has its own channel in our Discord - make sure you've joined to stay up-to-date!


ADHD Discussion Group: [Currently paused for the summer break]

Physical/Mobility Discussion Group: [Currently paused for the summer break]

Neurodivergent & Queer Discussion Group: [Currently paused for the summer break]

Study Sessions: Please indicate your interest here


DUC's Committees are a great way to get involved in disability advocacy and accessibility on campus! Anyone is welcome to join our committees. Read more about each committee here, and see our meeting times below:

Advocacy Committee: Please see our discord for meeting times

Mentorship Committee: 

Events Committee: 

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